Custom Clearance


Seamless Importing and Exporting Solutions

The complexity of a successful global supply chain is enhanced by the need for fast customs clearance and security compliance. That’s why it’s more important than ever to partner with a logistics company that has the international reach, the customs experience, and the communications network necessary to expedite clearance.

At REGASYS LOGISTICS, we deliver customized international shipping solutions that ensure your transactions are timely and smoothly operated. And by combining our air freight forwarding, order management, sea freight forwarding, or even cross-border transportation with our customs house brokerage service, we can build the best possible supply chain solution tailored to your needs.

Working as your reliable customs brokerage partner, our dedicated team with industry-specific expertise will help manage your import and export activities by:

  • Ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Processing all mandated procedures to reduce the risk of delays, penalties, and fines
  • Providing advisory services on the latest international trade and customs regulations to avoid unnecessary costs